Calvary Chapel Ministry—Plea for Israel

Calvary Chapel Ministry—Plea for Israel

A Plea for Israel from a Calvary Chapel Ministry


“The Church has left Israel, and I feel the loss deeply.”

The following is a letter to the Church from a Calvary Chapel ministry in Jerusalem. The original letter was sent to a group of friends as a personal prayer request, and we are sharing excerpts with the hope that Jesus followers everywhere will unite in prayer for this country.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6a

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Dear Church,

When we moved to Israel, I was surprised to find out that the total percentage of Christians who live in Israel is 1%, which includes Catholics, Greek Orthodox, etc. Believers who actually live in Israel are of the tiniest minority.

However, up until COVID-19, there has always been a steady flow of Christians coming and going in Israel. The Church has always been present with us, though the people were ever-changing.

When the COVID restrictions began, all the tourists (many Christians) were forced to leave. As time went on, Christians who were on volunteer visas, academic visas, ministerial visas, work visas, etc., were all forced to leave when the government refused to renew their visas. There is no end in sight to the government’s new policies. And now, even the believers with citizenship are choosing to leave because of the vaccine, the recent war, travel restrictions, and a total loss of income because of restrictions.

The Church has left Israel, and I feel the loss deeply.

In addition, since the war in May, anti-Israel content on social media has increased by 918%.

There is a heaviness and tension here like I have never felt before. The pressure to leave Israel is also hitting us like relentless waves when we are still trying to get our breath—problem after problem after problem. We don’t want to leave, but something heavy has come over us, too.

I am hoping that the COVID restrictions will resolve and that the Church can return to Israel—that we can revive ministry here in Jerusalem and have the grace to go on. I am praying that the Church will return to Israel.

When you bring your church to Israel for a tour, you’re not just blessing your congregation. You are being the light in Israel and carrying with you your peace, even just for 10 days. Trust me that the loss is tangible. I know that there are other believers here in Israel, but we feel quite alone without you.

COVID has shifted the whole world, and one of the unexpected consequences is that it has managed to shake out the Christians from this country. So please pray for us to either continue to stand or to discern if we are supposed to leave, too. And please be praying for Israel.

Hope to see you in Jerusalem soon!

And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us; yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17

Israel street

An empty market in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem symbolizes the loss of the presence of Christ’s Church currently in Israel.


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