Pastor Rick Nerud

Calvary Chapel St. George—Utah You know, we’re inundated with bad news in the media—printed, TV, or whatever. So when they get this Magazine, and see what’s God doing in and through Calvary Chapel ministries we work with, it opens their eyes and gives them God’s heart.  

Pastor Bobby Hargraves

Bobby Hargraves

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley—New York There were at least two or three times I was ready to quit the ministry … but Calvary Chapel Magazine would have those churches that had maybe a hundred, a hundred fifty people. You could just tell it’s not about the size: It’s the message of Jesus Christ. And so […]

Pastor David Guzik

David Guzik

Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara—California One of the things I love about Calvary Chapel Magazine is our Calvary Chapel family is big … it’s exciting to get a firsthand visual and written view of what God is doing in places you would have otherwise never heard about.  

Pastor Dean Barham

Lighthouse Calvary Chapel—Bedford, New Hampshire When our people read the articles they can see that these are real people like you or me—they’re not just “super Christians.” They deal with everyday life issues. It’s also a silent outreach tool—the Gospel is right there on the back.  

Pastor Ed Taylor

Calvary Chapel Aurora—Colorado We need to stir up our congregations with the larger vision of the family of Calvary Chapel fellowships. The Magazine is an amazing tool to stir up, reach out, and edify.  It needs to be announced, championed, held up, and given away.  

Pastor Buddy Osborn

Buddy Osborn

The Rock Christian Ministries—Philadelphia I don’t really have the words to describe to you—to explain Calvary Chapel Magazine. In fact, whenever we receive it, the quality of the pictures is awesome … the stories are credible, they’re true, and they’re right to the heart of the matter.