Encourages Readers to Serve

One of the ways God has used Calvary Chapel Magazine is to offer real life examples that can inspire readers to serve Jesus in their own lives. As Pastor Dean Barham put it, “When the people read the articles they can see that these are real people like you or me—they’re not just ‘super Christians.’ They deal with everyday life issues. The articles take them through those: How did that person take that walk of faith to just go and do something that the Lord is now using for His glory?”
It is a practical ministry tool, in that it shows ways in which we can serve at our fellowship and in the local community. We often hear that God uses this magazine to stir up congregations to take action. Pastor Tom Hallman says, “It really changes the hearts of people, for our folks to be able to understand missions, the ministry of what God is doing not just in our church, but around the world. It’s an amazing thing;  it really gives them illumination to the Gospel and its power, exhorts them to think, 'Maybe I can do this,' when we go on missions trips.”