Helps Churches and Individuals Share Their Faith

One of Calvary Chapel Magazine’s goals is to serve as a Gospel tract that you can use to share your faith with others.
There are a variety of ways that individuals and churches use Calvary Chapel Magazine for evangelism:
  • The back cover of each issue is a Gospel tract. It clearly presents the Bible's message of salvation through Jesus Christ. So just handing the magazine to someone is perhaps the easiest way to give them the Gospel.
  • Most of the articles in the magazine also present the Gospel in the form of personal testimonies. 
  • A copy can be placed in public areas where magazines are provided, such as the waiting room of a dentist or auto mechanic. Coffee shops are also strategic locations. Make sure that you receive permission from the proprietor. 
  • Many correctional facilities will allow inmates to have magazines, especially if the staples are removed first. We regularly receive letters from inmates whose spiritual lives have been affected in a positive way, either receiving Christ as their Savior, or being encouraged to continue walking with Him.
  • Some churches distribute magazines during community outreach events. They can be effective to show people unfamiliar with Calvary Chapel what our beliefs are as well as encouraging them to surrender their lives to Christ. 
  • Gift subscriptions can be ordered for family and friends.