3. Your Magazines Arrive

You will automatically receive your magazines four times a year, as long as your account remains active.
We will send future shipments as soon as each issue is published. You can change the quantity you want to receive any time up until we go to press; just contact us to let us know as soon as possible. Please also contact us if your shipping address changes.
A few weeks after your magazines arrive, you will receive an invoice. You can pay your invoice online, over the phone, or send in a check. As long as you pay your invoice each quarter, your will continue to receive shipments automatically. If you stop paying your invoice, we will contact you to find out why. If your fellowship is experiencing financial hardship, please let us know, and we will work with you to the best of our ability to accommodate your circumstances. If we are unable to confirm that you want to continue receiving magazines, then we will deactivate your account.
If you decide to stop receiving shipments of Calvary Chapel Magazine, contact us and we will deactivate your account. Your account will then remain deactivated unless you request that we reopen it. Be sure to let us know as soon as you decide to stop, before the next issue ships out.