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Calvary Chapel Mom in Florida Leading Movement for Children, Freedom

Story by Christmas Beeler
Photos courtesy of Hannah Petersen and CCDF USA

Hannah Petersen walked to the elementary school, bringing medicine for her 8-year-old son. She had been a faithful volunteer there for years until the pandemic halted parental involvement. Approaching the building, her gaze wandered to the playground; her son would be in P.E. now.

She stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes widened in alarm. There in the Florida heat, her son’s entire 2nd-grade class was running laps while wearing masks It’s almost 90 degrees outside! she noted. As a mom of four, Hannah knew the heat was hard on kids playing outside and that masks increased the risk for getting heat exhaustion as well as harmful bacteria. She had known that face coverings were mandatory in the classrooms, but why were the children being forced to wear them outside in the fresh air?

She paused to watch how the children were coping. Hot and sweaty, they looked defeated and sad, lacking the joyful spark of children playing. She remembered reports she had read about the psychological impact on children wearing masks for eight-plus hours a day.

This is wrong, she thought grimly, a wave of nausea hitting her stomach. She realized this policy affected not only her son but thousands of children across the state and the nation. But what can I do? she wondered. Then, as if the Lord had answered her, she felt a resolve in her heart that she had to do something. She couldn’t sit by and not speak up on behalf of the children.









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