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Reaching Out
With the Gospel message presented clearly on the back cover of each issue, the Magazine is a tool fellowships like yours can use to share their faith in Jesus. Each issue is high-quality—both in spiritual content and appearance—to create a positive impression among those unfamiliar with Calvary Chapel. Throughout each magazine, the focus is on Jesus and the transformation that takes place in people’s hearts as they commit their lives to Him. The Magazine shows that God is alive and at work today. (TAYLOR here I have no space between sub headline and para, sub headline in green)

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002: Churches like Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, NJ, have used the Magazine as a tool for reaching out to their community.

Calvary Chapel Magazine presents real-life testimonies showing how we can live out our faith today. People with experiences common to us all share how Jesus helped them overcome life’s hardships. Throughout each article, eyewitness accounts of God’s love and power are connected to God’s Word. This offers encouraging examples of how to apply scriptural truth to their own situation. That’s an important aspect of discipleship: showing that the Bible is a reliable and relevant source of guidance for our daily lives. ((TAYLOR here I have no space between sub headline and para, sub headline in black... all other subheads in this section have space per our standard setup. Let me know your preference)


Sharing the Vision

Calvary Chapel Magazine is unique—the only publication focused on communicating the common vision shared within the Calvary Chapel family. We seek to publish content that agrees with the Calvary Chapel distinctives. While recognizing that Calvary-style ministry is not the only way people can grow spiritually, we believe that Calvary Chapels share an important role in God’s kingdom. Through our partnership with the Calvary Chapel Association, our goal is to promote the biblical principles that unify us.

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Hebrews 10:25 commands us to not forsake the assembling of the saints. As the church battles lingering isolation from the pandemic’s fallout and political division, Calvary Chapel Magazine’s role facilitating fellowship and unity within and between churches is more vital than ever. Connect with fellowships and ministries around the world, working together to glorify Jesus Christ. Calvary Chapel Magazine helps churches partner for ministry, and exists to foster unity among the Calvary Chapel family of churches.

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004: Our Praise & Prayer section shares prayer requests from around the world.


Living out our Christian faith is a daily battle. We are bombarded with negative information, undermining our faith and attacking our right to gather and worship as the Body of Christ. Our articles are thoroughly researched and reviewed for journalistic integrity—we don’t publish “fluff” stories. We present a refreshing, biblical outlook desperately needed in a world awash with secular media. Calvary Chapel Magazine offers an encouraging perspective on what God is doing around the world through Calvary Chapel ministries.



With the growing hostility to Jesus Christ and His truth we see today, it’s vital believers be equipped with sound doctrine and a biblical perspective on current events. In addition to covering events within the Calvary Chapel family, we share spiritual insights from trustworthy sources on timely topics: religious liberty, addiction, human trafficking, abortion, homosexuality, growing persecution, and more. Calvary Chapel Magazine also offers simple, sound Bible teaching from Pastor Chuck Smith and others. Many have shared that they use the clear Gospel presentation on the back cover in personal evangelism. These are just some of the ways the Lord uses the Magazine to equip His people for ministry.


Social Media

Follow Calvary Chapel Magazine on social media to stay informed about what’s going on right now. We regularly post videos, photos, prayer requests, and updates on popular social media outlets you can share to reach your flock online. When the word needs to get out on immediate needs—such as disaster relief or other time-sensitive requests for prayer and support—it is our intention to communicate that information quickly and effectively. Your support of Calvary Chapel Magazine helps provide the resources needed to be on the scene as events are unfolding.

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005: Calvary Chapel Magazine continues to provide frontline coverage as Calvary Chapel churches from San Jose to Maine defend the right to obey Hebrews 10:25 by gathering and worshipping together.


In addition to previews of articles featured in Calvary Chapel Magazine, we also provide a variety of other videos featuring real-life testimonies and the Gospel message. You can share them on social media and play them for your fellowship before service. Each issue contains QR codes that link to some of these videos. Click here to browse our video collection.


Knowing our History

God used Pastor Chuck Smith and his wife Kay during the Jesus Movement of the early 70’s to bring about the unique ministry of Calvary Chapel. That background is frequently touched on within the articles. Each issue shows how that moving of the Holy Spirit is continuing today. Issue 58 detailed the history of Calvary Chapel, commemorating the life of Pastor Chuck Smith, and Kay was memorialized in Issue 89.


Coverage like this is a great way to answer questions about the origins and growth of Calvary Chapel. Mindful of our history, we look forward to a fresh work of the Holy Spirit as the Lord continues to work around the world. Calvary Chapel Magazine acknowledges our past while focusing on the great things God is doing in the present.

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006: Pastor Chuck Smith teaching at the garden tomb in Israel.


Let us know how the Lord has used the Magazine at your fellowship and/or share your ideas with us at: TAYLOR THIS SEEMS A LITTLE OUT OF PLACE HERE, THOUGHTS??... PLUS I NEED TO FIGURE OUT LINKING TO EMAIL.

Practical Ways to Use the Magazine

Label Your Copies
Apply a standard-sized address label to each copy you receive. Include your fellowship’s contact information, location, and service times. Encourage attendees to place a copy somewhere it will be seen by others—a doctor’s office, laundromat, or a coffee shop, for example. The label can then direct readers to your fellowship.

Announce It
When the Magazine arrives, encourage people to take a copy. Announce the Magazine from the pulpit during services—let people know it is a free resource you are providing. Point out specific articles that might be of particular interest to your congregation or that reinforce an important concept you are teaching.

90-Second Video
Our videos give your congregation a glimpse into the latest issue during Sunday services. Short enough for playing during announcements or an offering, these teasers get people interested without giving the whole story away. Or go deeper with our 2-4 minute videos for a more engaging experience. Both are efficient ways to let people know the latest issue has arrived. Our videos are available online at our YouTube page.

Distribute Them
Provide a copy of the Magazine for each family in your fellowship. Recruit your youth to hand out copies at sanctuary entrances/exits. Explain from the pulpit where copies are located, and have greeters hand a copy to first-time visitors.


Letter From a Prisoner…

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“I was put into a cell with nothing but your magazine (besides a dirty mattress). I never, ever heard the full Gospel and always thought I was too bad for God to forgive. I read the magazine from cover to cover. I asked Jesus into my life, and He forgave me. He drew me out of a deep pit of sin, and I want to live for Jesus!"


Partner With Our Ministry

Feed your flock and partner with this publishing ministry through your subscription to Calvary Chapel Magazine.

Subscribe online or call us at 540–373–7882





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