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Blue Letter Bible Adds Tony Clark Teachings to its App

Story by Jonathan W. Erdman
Graphic by Jenise Clark

Calvary Chapel Pastor Tony Clark’s sermon series through Luke’s Gospel is now a part of Blue Letter Bible’s resource library.

A New Platform for an Age-Old Story

Smartphones and the internet have radically changed how we study our Bibles and listen to sermons. In fact, while many Calvary Chapel churchgoers still carry their favorite copy of God’s Word with them to church, the number of people using their smartphones or tablets to access the Word has surged well into the millions. And one of the most popular apps being used today is the Blue Letter Bible (BLB) app.

With its vast digital library of commentaries, dictionaries, translations, and even sermons, Blue Letter Bible has been used by believers all over the world. And while users can benefit from pastors and teachers both past and present, a new voice can now be heard on the site. Blue Letter Bible has recently added to their library a sermon series on the Gospel of Luke by Pastor Tony Clark, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Newport News, VA.

“Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. As you sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.” John 17:17-18


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A Testimony of How God Uses Media

In June of 2021, Calvary Chapel Pastor David Guzik, who also sits on the BLB board, approached Tony with the idea of using a sermon series on the app. "I'm thankful for and was humbled by this tremendous opportunity," declared Tony.

Tony was aware of Blue Letter Bible prior to this conversation with David and knew how the Lord has used the digital resource in the lives of believers. When he first pondered the idea of his messages being used by BLB, he experienced what he referred to as “flashbacks” to the time in his life when the Lord used sermons on the radio to impact his own life. “I was reminded of when I first came into the Calvary Chapel community back in 1986,” he shared. “I was in the Marine Corps and found the radio station KWAV, where I was introduced to Calvary Chapel teachers.”

Tony would himself eventually be one of those teachers on KWAV, where hundreds of listeners would be blessed by his expository teaching of God’s Word. And now God wants to use Pastor Tony’s sermons to share God’s Word literally all over the world through BLB. “When I begin to reminisce on it, I’m in awe of God’s goodness—it’s amazing to me, and I’m still in awe of it.”

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

Pastor Tim White of Calvary Chapel Richmond, VA, believes Tony’s presence on BLB will be “a blessing to many, as his pastoral ministry and radio teaching already have been for years.” Tim further added that what is clear in Tony’s teaching is “his passion for communicating the truth of God’s Word and his practical, encouraging, and real-world application to living victoriously in Christ no matter the circumstances.”

Pastor David shared how the BLB board was looking for new material to bring to the site. When asked why Pastor Tony was selected, he replied, “Pastor Tony is such a strong expositor of God’s Word. I thought his ministry would be a great fit on Blue Letter Bible, which is focused on helping believers and seekers know God’s Word better.” David noted, “Pastor Tony is a warm, friendly man—yet he radiates strength and integrity. He has a sense of wisdom and balance in his personality and his Bible preaching and teaching.”

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Tony Clark, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Newport News, VA, teaches in August 2021 at the CCA Pastors, Leaders, & Church Workers Conference in Honolulu, HI.

This is Only the Beginning

“What I love the most about the Gospel of Luke,” Tony related, “is Luke’s attention to detail—I love going through the book and listening to the details, especially as he points out the humanity of Jesus.” And now, every BLB user can benefit from this powerful and encouraging sermon series.

Blue Letter Bible has been in ministry since 1995, and their vision to provide powerful tools for in-depth study of God’s Word is certainly in step with the heartbeat of the core Calvary Chapel Distinctive of teaching through the Bible. God has used, and will continue to use, this tool to build up his Church. David concluded, “I know that BLB is always on the lookout for quality Bible study tools, and since the Calvary Chapel family of churches and pastors is so strong in Bible exposition, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more pastors and teachers from the Calvary Chapel movement with their content on BLB.”

Tony’s Personal Reflections

“I am both privileged, honored, and quite humbled to be a part of Blue Letter Bible. This tremendous resource has helped me in both my personal growth and professionally as a pastor.

“I’d like to thank Pastor David Guzik. Not only is he a co-laborer in ministry, but he is also my friend. Pastor David was solely instrumental in submitting a recommendation for my teaching to be included on Blue Letter Bible as an extension of an elite group of well-known Bible teachers, whom for years I have personally admired.

“For me, being on Blue Letter Bible is an example of how the Lord uses a person when they least expect it. I’m reminded that when we dedicate our lives to be used for the purpose of glorifying God, He uses and directs us as He sees fit. Even in the midst of the storms of life, and the mess-ups we create for ourselves, and the trials we have to endure, God sees the potential in us as being useful for kingdom building.

“Trust me, I am no better than, no greater than, and no more qualified than thousands of other pastors/teachers. However, I am just a man who has been in ministry for 35 years and a senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Newport News for 27 years. And in all the ups and downs that come with ministry, the Lord has decided to open the door for me to be on Blue Letter Bible ‘for such a time as this.’ For that, I am eternally grateful to be a part of this history-making moment.”


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