CC Old Bridge Pro-Life Conference 2022

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Rescuing Babies from Abortion: Pro-Life Conference 2022

Story by Kate Larsen
Photos by Tom Price

Senior pastors and leaders are invited to a free conference at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, NJ, March 14-15, to learn more about ministering to the abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable, both inside and outside the churches. This vital ministry to the community is “white for harvest." To register visit

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More than 275 women, on their way to have an abortion, accepted the offer of a free ultrasound and opted to choose life after seeing their baby on screen over the last 20 months. Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, NJ, purchased the mobile ultrasound unit, Hannah, in 2020 and has purchased another. The unit travels throughout New Jersey and often parks close to Planned Parenthood clinics.

Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Proverbs 31:8

“One of the greatest gifts is when women who were going to have an abortion choose life after seeing their babies on the ultrasound screen, and a few months later after they have their babies, knock on the door to introduce us to their babies, thanking us for our help.”  – Debbie Biskey, Bridge Women’s Center Executive Director

In the last 20 months, more than 275 babies have been rescued from abortion through Bridge Women’s Center (BWC) and its mobile medical unit, Hannah. Giving mothers and fathers the ability to see and hear the heartbeat of their baby on an ultrasound has made all the difference in their decision to keep their child.


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Calvary Chapel Old Bridge’s BWC has teamed up with Save the Storks to help churches navigate what it means to be fully pro-life—saving babies while also bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ministering to families as well. Their goals include:

●  Rescue babies
●  Share the Gospel
●  Offer a number of helpful (and free) support programs for the mother
●  Mobilize the body of Christ in a full area of evangelistic strategy

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Seventeen-year-old Aaliyyah Oglesby holds her son while being interviewed. Initially believing that abortion was the only answer to an unwanted pregnancy, she saw her son through the mobile ultrasound unit and is thankful she chose to keep him.

All of this is more possible with support from CC Old Bridge, which is hosting a Pro-Life Conference at the church March 14-15. Senior pastors and leaders are invited to come learn more about how this field of ministry is “white for harvest” and how it can impact their community to minister to the abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable, both inside and outside the churches.

Hear from CCOB Senior Pastor Lloyd Pulley, BWC's Executive Director Debbie Biskey, and Save the Storks CEO Diane Ferraro as they share in-depth knowledge of what it means to be more than just pro-birth—but fully pro-life. Discover how the church body can be mobilized to start and grow a pro-life ministry and develop a mobile medical pregnancy center to give the church a presence in the community.

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Sara Zaki and her husband Matthew view their baby on screen as Ultrasound Technician Vanesa Formoso (left) and RN Manager Jeannie Orsag (right) oversee the examination.

Bridge Women’s Center has encountered women in all walks and phases of life. One fearful teenager, afraid to get her ultrasound, is now a recipient of a full college scholarship, working, and coming to church with her baby. Another woman the center assisted with housing is coming every week with her children. And many other countless times, God has used Hannah to intervene and be that “sign” women were praying for to save their babies.

There is no cost to attend this two-day conference. For more information about the conference or to register visit

Discover the compassionate care involved in walking alongside women and families—always caring, always there … for LIFE.

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Katie Linzer relays what she endured when she opted to keep her baby, Khloe. She was thankful for the encouragement of women from CC Old Bridge and The Bridge Women’s Center ministry.


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