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Running A Successful Outreach


1. Main Thing—Give them the Gospel!

2. Meet, Pray, Plan—Annual leadership planning meeting
• Come “prayed up” to share ideas
• Narrow to top five

3. Quality Over Quantity—Strive for excellence
• Many unchurched attend, so “knock it out of the park”
• Volunteers on hand—don’t stretch them thin

4. Kid Focused—Parents seek family friendly functions
• Brainstorm Bible-based games—Google or YouTube ideas
• Summer water activities, easy pickup sports
• Drama skits with Gospel message and altar call

5. Marketing—Three-week lead
• Hand out flyers/in person invitations—include local businesses
• Erect large re-useable outdoor banners in high traffic areas/front of church
• Advertise FREE—keep it simple: “free hot dogs” or “free snow cones”
• Use social media to blast your geographic area—Facebook has an easy tutorial and minimal cost

6. Evangelism Team—Youth and Adults
• Coach/train to engage in spiritual discussions
• Way of the Master type questions
• Circulate in the crowd during event

7. Pop-Up Prayer Tent—Everyone needs prayer!
• Easy to identify tent/booth
• Hand out tracts/Bibles

8. One Time Investments = Return on Investment
• Purchase one added value item annually
• Alternate at subsequent events
• Examples: popcorn machine, snow cone machine, big ticket activity or game

9. Music—Live and Outside
• Play Christian music by the church worship team 



All verses above are quoted from the New King James Version, unless otherwise noted.

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