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Servant Leadership: Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

Story by Jim Culhane
Photos by Keith Durflinger

Earlier this year, many gathered at the CCA Los Angeles Pastors + Leaders Regional Conference at Calvary Chapel Downey, CA. The Theme of the two-day event was “Strong & Courageous”, based on Joshua 1:9: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”


Here we present a summation of Jerel Hagerman's teaching on Joshua 1, in which he encourages pastors to invest in the rising generation of church leaders. Jerel is senior pastor of Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel in Yucca Valley, CA.

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A team leads many from Calvary Chapels at the CCA Los Angeles Regional Pastors and Leaders Conference in worship.

Jerel Hagerman Teaches: Joshua Chapter 1
Senior Pastor of Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel

“God has called every single one of us to be servants,” Jerel stated. “In Calvary Chapel, we follow the ‘Moses Model’ of leadership. Moses poured into the heart and life of Joshua, raising him up to be that next generation. For all of us, at whatever age we are, we need to have that heart for raising up the next generation.”

Israel was told that wherever they put the soles of their feet, God would give them that land. But they stopped, became complacent, and at the height of their empire had only one-tenth of what God said they could have. How easy it is for churches to not keep going forward for all that God has for them? Do you want all that God has for you? If you do, lift up your eyes; the Lord says the fields are ready for harvest. Jerel believes with all his heart that the very best days of Calvary Chapel can be in front of us.

Moses was the first pastor figure in the Bible. If you have studied the life of Moses and still want to be a pastor, then God must have called you—because Moses faced all kinds of obstacles. But we also have the “Jesus Model,” who we really follow. Jesus calls us to follow Him. We say, “I’m going to follow Jesus regardless of what happens in my life.” We occupy till He comes. Jerel asserted, “We live in exciting times, not a time to be afraid.”

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Women gather in fervent prayer at the conference.

Pastor Jerel shared that more than 150 families have left his church to move somewhere safe, leaving California. The apostle Paul didn’t look for somewhere safe; he went to the hardest places. Jerel plans to stay with the “burning ship” of California because there are people who need to be saved.

Jesus raised up the next generation of leaders by hanging out with them. They watched how Jesus taught, ministered to people—they grew up in that. Paul used the same Moses Model. Moses took Joshua. Jesus took the disciples. Paul took young Timothy as a son in the faith. Jerel mentored his own son in the faith, BJ, as his associate pastor; all of the 20-somethings in his church who are mentored have filled in the Joshua Springs pulpit. Jerel asked, “Why are we nervous about 20-somethings filling the pulpit when Calvary Chapel was born by 20-year-olds filling the pulpits?”

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Jerel Hagerman, senior pastor of Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel in Yucca Valley, CA, teaches energetically on Joshua Chapter 1. “God has called every single one of us to be servants,” he stated. “In Calvary Chapel, we follow the ‘Moses Model’ of leadership. Moses poured into the heart and life of Joshua, raising him up to be that next generation. For all of us, at whatever age we are, we need to have that heart for raising up the next generation.”

Joshua Springs CC has a worship center that doubles as a gym. One young guy designed a cool-looking stage years ago. Years later, another young guy told Jerel they needed to paint the back wall black. Jerel loved it. Then years later, the same guy said they needed to change the back wall; people left the church because the back wall got changed. “It’s very easy to get set in our ways and stop going forward,” declared Jerel. The same battle went on with music when Calvary Chapel was starting up—and still goes on today because music changes. Jesus said when you put your hand to the plow, don’t look back. Keep moving forward.

Jerel is excited about the Calvary Bible Institute (CBI), a one-year program at his church because it wasn’t something they tried to do—it was a move of the Holy Spirit. The church had been a Bible college extension campus for years, but a one-year limit keeps the students busy, and on their knees, asking God for help.


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CC founder Pastor Chuck Smith wanted his people to be the best-fed and best-loved sheep. That means teaching from Genesis to Revelation. There aren’t many churches like that. The Moses Model means that you give of your authority to the person you are bringing up. Since Jerel gave BJ the Wednesday night service, attendance is bigger than any time in their church history. By handing over his authority, Jerel has a host of 20-year-olds that can be pastors in their own right. Jerel added that if he stops sending out people, God will stop giving him people. He shared, “If I were to drop dead this second, our church knows exactly what’s going to happen and not skip one beat.”

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Men and women join in the passionate worship of God during the two-day conference.

Jerel can’t micromanage everything. “A ministry can’t expand past what you can keep your fingers on,” he said. But when you raise up people with great talent and ability, ministry continues and expands and is a blessing beyond measure. You bring them in front of everyone, lay hands on them, inaugurate them. Everyone’s got to know they have the authority now. The church needs people of all ages, including teenagers. “Do you realize that in the whole kingdom of God, you’re necessary?” urged Jerel. “And there are people who can only reach certain people.”

Concerning older pastors, many have ministered for 30 or 40 years and have chosen to opt out of Social Security. “There is a panic,” declared Jerel, “because you don’t get Medicare either, which is a big problem. The church should take care of them.” Jerel’s church assumed another ministry, then sold their facility, and took care of that founding pastor and his wife. “But for the older pastors, you’re going to run into a big brick wall if you don’t bring young people into your church, because young people bring in more young people. I believe with all my heart that we should take care of the older pastors who have given their entire lives and decades for the Lord.”

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Warm camaraderie and fellowship highlight the conference experience for many.

Jerel invites pastors to come to CBI to teach a book of the Bible and to interview for church interns, suggesting they have two interns who can help each other. Jerel summarized, “Raise up that next generation and I guarantee you’re going to be on fire. Be strong and of good courage. Don’t be afraid. Don’t fill your heart with politics. Let’s go forward.”


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