Jack Hibbs: Current Events & Bible Prophecy

"I'm Expecting Jesus to Come Back Yesterday!" Video
"I'm Expecting Jesus to Come Back Yesterday!" Video

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Jack Hibbs Part 1: Current Events, Bible Prophecy & The Return of Jesus

Story by Sean Labar
Video by Tom Price and David Beeler 

Last month, Calvary Chapel Magazine editor Tom Price traveled to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California, to catch up with Pastor Jack Hibbs in the midst of unprecedented times for the church and Christianity in the United States. On September 12, Tom documented a historic moment as Pastor Jack and his staff baptized more than 1,000 believers at Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach.

Below is Part 1 of an exclusive conversation between Tom and Pastor Jack discussing current events in the world and the potential correlation with biblical prophecy.  "We are living in amazing times. In the 2,000 year period of time, we have never seen the church this close to observing things that are so clear in Scripture," Pastor Jack said. "I expect Jesus to come back yesterday now."

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Make sure to be on the lookout for Part 2 of our conversation with Jack Hibbs which focuses on the role of faith and Christianity in relation to the history of America. For more content focused on the end times in relation to current events, check out Biblical Prophecy and a Divided Nation With Jack Hibbs and Don Stewart, an article that ran on our website earlier this year.

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