Two Desperate People

Two Desperate People
Two Desperate People

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Two Desperate People in Need of Jesus

Originally published in Issue 57 of Calvary Chapel Magazine

In Mark 5, we meet two desperate people who discovered the power of faith in God. Soon after Jesus began His ministry, it became known that many people were healed of their diseases simply by touching Him. So when the Lord arrived in Capernaum, the people crowded around Him. One man named Jairus, a synagogue ruler, pushed his way through the crowd. He moved out of desperation to seek healing for his dying 12-year-old daughter.

Remember that Jesus had recently healed a man on the Sabbath in the Capernaum synagogue, which prompted Jewish leaders to plot to kill Him. Now Jairus, apparently one of those leaders, has come in desperation to Jesus because his own precious daughter lies at death’s door. Prejudice is difficult to overcome, but Jairus believes that Jesus has the power to heal. He falls at Jesus’ feet, begging Him to come touch his child. At that moment, Jairus didn’t care what the other synagogue rulers thought of him. “If You will just touch her,” he says to Jesus, “I know she will be healed.”

Jesus goes with him willingly. He doesn’t chide him for that day in the synagogue. He doesn’t say, “So now that you’re in trouble, you come to Me, huh?” He doesn’t bring up the past—and I love Jesus for that. When you come to Jesus, He won’t lay a guilt trip on you about all your misdeeds. Those who came to Jesus for help weren’t rebuked. And today, He is still willing and eager to help when you approach Him in faith.

The second person in this story also felt desperate to get to Jesus. For 12 years, this woman had suffered an issue of blood—a physical condition that made her a social outcast. This woman had spent all her money on physicians, and her condition only worsened. Twelve years seems a short time when filled with joy and happiness, but when life overflows with tragedy and suffering, it can seem like forever.

Like Jairus, this woman had faith in Jesus’ power. She believed, correctly, that just one touch from Jesus could heal her. But the crowd thronging Him stood in her way. Her desperation and determination, however, drove her to push through that crowd until she got close enough to grab the hem of Jesus’ garment.

I can see Jairus trying to clear the crowd, yelling, “Stand back! Let Him through!” He has to get Jesus to his house at once. But when this woman touches the hem of Jesus’ garment, Jesus asks, “Who touched Me?” (Mark 5:31b).

His question amazes the disciples. “What are You talking about, Lord?” they ask. “We’re being shoved all over the place, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’ Are You kidding?” (paraphrase of Mark 5:31). The Greek word translated “touch” here could be translated “grasp” or “grab hold.” Jesus used this word in the garden when Mary first saw Him after His resurrection from the dead, and He said, “Touch Me not,” or more literally, “Don’t hang on to Me,” or “Don’t clutch unto Me.” It is a firm grasping.

When you come to Jesus, He won’t lay a guilt trip on you about all your misdeeds. Those who came to Jesus for help weren’t rebuked. He’s willing and eager to help when you approach Him in faith.

Many were grabbing at Him, so why does Jesus turn around now? I believe one reason Jesus stopped to talk to this woman was to increase the faith of Jairus—the father who in just moments would receive news that his daughter has died. As the woman describes her story of suffering and healing, Jesus tells her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction” (Mark 5:34b).

Even as Jesus spoke, messengers arrive and tell Jairus, “Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?” (Mark 5:35b). At that point Jesus turns His whole attention to the distraught father and says, “Do not be afraid; only believe” (Mark 5:36b). Jesus takes Peter, James, and John; with Jairus, they continue to the house. Then, as they approach, they hear weeping and wailing. Entering the house, Jesus asks the mourners, “Why all this fuss? She’s not dead, just sleeping” (paraphrase of Mark 5:39b). Their wailing turns to scornful laughter.

In Mark 5:41-43, Jesus takes the girl’s parents and His three disciples into the room containing this little girl’s dead body. Jesus takes her by the hand and says, “Talitha, cumi,” an Aramaic phrase meaning, “Little girl, arise.” Immediately she stands and walks, amazing them all. The Lord then instructs them to keep the healing secret. He does not want any premature attempts at crowning Him the Messiah.

Jesus’ touch is a touch of love, healing, life, deliverance, and power. Jesus wants to touch you today to bring you those things. He wants you to feel His love and experience His healing. He wants to give you eternal life to deliver you from the power of darkness that has been destroying you. He wants to give you His power this day.

Oh, how we need Jesus’ touch. Get in touch with Jesus today by reaching out in faith. There’s healing, deliverance, and help for you the moment you touch Jesus. I do not know what your particular need may be. I do not know how long you may have been in that condition. But I do know that a touch from Jesus is all you need.


All verses above are quoted from the New King James Version.

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