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Calvary Chapel Downey Outreach

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Residents Respond to the Gospel in Northern Kentucky

Story and photos by Josh Larson

The Revive America team from Calvary Chapel Downey has been sharing the Good News of Jesus in Northern Kentucky for over five days now. The group of approximately 70 not only includes believers from CC Downey, but from CC Tustin, CC South Bay and CC Chino Hills in Southern California, CC Norman in Oklahoma, and Discipleship Church in Klamath Falls, OR. Please continue to pray for this team as they press on against the spiritual enemy with the power of the Gospel. Pastor Roger Stahlhut and the Revive America team were sent out by CC Downey Senior Pastor Jeff Johnson.

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Men talking

Clifton Touchstone (left), assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Norman, OK, talks with Carlton and Hammon, two Mormon missionaries. Pastor Clifton shared what the Bible has to say about the Gospel with these two young men. Clifton is part of the Revive America team sharing the love of Jesus in Northern Kentucky this week.

Cindy Stahlhut, wife of Pastor Roger Stahlhut, and Yadira Zepeda didn’t know what to expect as they knocked on the front door of a home in a Florence, KY, neighborhood. Through the living room window, they could see a toddler standing on a couch, waving at them. As the child’s father approached the door, he pointed towards the side of his driveway as if motioning the team to leave his property. Soon enough, however, the man slowly opened his door and explained to the women that he was only warning them about the yellow jackets that had been infesting his porch. All three of them quickly walked out onto the front lawn and began a conversation.

Group prayer

Pastor Roger Stahlhut (center) and a member of his Revive America team pray with Joseph, a young man who was encouraged to grow in his faith.

The Revive America team has been trained by Pastor Roger to start conversations with a brief spiritual survey. When they talk to strangers they ask Yes or No questions such as Do you have spiritual beliefs? Are you active in your faith? and even as specific as Have you ever been water baptized as a believer? Although these questions are thought-provoking, the most important question is If you had the opportunity to know Jesus Christ personally, would you be interested? If the person answers Yes, the team begins to share the Gospel.

Cindy and Yadira were not far into their survey with the man, Poncho, before he made it clear that he calls himself a Christian. He grew up in the faith, had been baptized as a kid, and for the most part believes in God. However, it seemed that Poncho didn’t know Jesus Christ personally, but simply identified as a Christian because of his upbringing. One last survey question soon made that clear: Do you consider yourself ‘born again’?

Women in a park

Deicy Quiroz (right) and Sue Yonan (center) explain who Jesus is to AIeija, a Muslim woman.

Poncho was confused about the meaning of being born again. Cindy and Yadira jumped on the opportunity to explain to him what the Scriptures say. They told him that to live in a relationship with God and receive His eternal life, one must put full trust in the love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus. They explained what a relationship with God looks like. After over 15 minutes of talking, Poncho was ready to welcome Jesus into his heart. Cindy and Yadira led him in prayer as he asked God to come into his life and proclaimed Jesus to be his personal Lord and Savior. Poncho can now be confident knowing he has a real relationship with the living God, and that his eternity is secure in Him.

After these things the Lord appointed seventy others also, and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go. … Then the seventy returned with joy. Luke 10:1, 17a

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Men talking


Saul Berumen (right) talks with a man who happened to be a local pastor. Although the pastor was in town to invite people to his church’s VBS, he was inspired by the boldness of the Revive America team to share the Gospel with strangers, even using the word “jealous” to affectionately describe how he was stirred on to do the same thing.


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